More to Come (I promise!)

It’s crazy how time (and life) can get away from us! I wrote my introductory post on this blog about a month ago (even though it says it was posted way before that) and here it is, almost the end of September and I have yet to write anything else. 

The problem is that I get an idea for something to write and one of two things happens. Either I get really excited about the subject and then think “Who’s going to want to read this?” and don’t write about it, or I get an idea while I’m out and about (or in the car, in the shower, just about to fall asleep) and don’t write it down so I forget about it. That’s the worst because I feel like those are the ideas that are the best. Aren’t they usually? I have the BEST, MOST AMAZING ideas while I’m in the shower. I really need to get some kind of waterproof writing system so I can jot those ideas down when they come to me.

 So, this is basically a quick post just to say that there will be posts here. Posts with actual, real content. Maybe even some guest posts from friends of mine. Check back soon!!