I’m Just Me

Why did I start this blog?

I’ve asked myself that a few times (OK, more like a zillion times). Especially since I started it weeks ago and haven’t – until today – posted anything. The same thoughts always go through my head when I think about starting a blog: Who will want to read it? What will I write about? What makes me think anyone cares what I have to say?

Here’s the thing. I have changed SO MUCH in the last year. My life is 100% different than it was one year ago today. Last year I was married, living in a different state, didn’t have any ‘real’ friends that I could call up and make plans with. I was unhappy. I didn’t really like my life.

Now, I’m divorced. I moved 900 miles away from my home to a place where I knew exactly two people. I have so many great friends. And best of all, I am so happy.

People have called me inspiring, brave, strong, and encouraging because I uprooted myself and turned my life upside down.

I don’t really feel like I am any of those things. I just did what I needed to do. I was just being me.

But if I can share my story and the things I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) to help just one person in any way, then this is worth it.

Here’s hoping it’s worth it.