First Christmas

My first Christmas away from home just concluded. It was different. Not what I expected and yet, at the same time, the same and everything I thought it would be. 

It’s hard to believe next week I will have been in Fort Worth for one year. 

My mom and my sister flew into town to see me and celebrate Christmas. Having them here made this holiday much easier to get through. I would have been all alone if they hadn’t come. I don’t know how I would have handled that. Probably not well. I probably would have just stayed on the couch and binge-watched Netflix. 

I think my favorite part about this Christmas, though, has been receiving cards from all over the world. I got involved in a sort of unofficial Christmas card exchange and sent many cards to many different countries and also received a lot back. Cards from Australia showing a warm and sunny Christmas. Cards that weren’t really Christmas cards at all, but printed photos taken and shared by the sender. Cards with little tidbits about the sender included inside. And cards with information about the sender’s location included. All of them so unique and beautiful. I really hope this tradition continues. 

I didn’t have a Christmas tree this year. My old one stayed back in Indiana with my ex-husband and I didn’t feel like buying one and putting it up in my apartment. Why? Because I am moving soon. Maybe even as soon as next weekend. I could be moving one year to the day that I moved to Texas. Into a house. A house I purchased. A house I purchased all by myself. Mine. To make my own. To make a home. To have friends over and celebrate birthdays and holidays in. I am crazy excited and terrified all at once. 

I wouldn’t have traded this year or this Christmas for anything.